Thanks to our Summer Interns

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Thank you Tobias, Miracle, and Salem.?

You Made the Wayside Commons Happen This Summer.


With gratitude for the opportunity to work with such fine young organizers, we bring to a close our first annual summer youth organizer internship program. Many thanks to Tobias, Miracle and Salem for all of the heart, dedication and hard work that they brought to organizing this year?s Wayside Commons. We wish them well in their next steps. Here?s what they have to say about their experience:

Tobias Estes?

My personal experience with Wayside was a great one in every sense of the word. I had fun planning the Wayside Commons and fundraising for Wayside as a whole. I learned a lot about myself and also the experience of being in a social justice group. The fight is always going on and I never really knew that until now. I feel that this is a great way for people to help out. Wayside helps in many ways with social justice groups that I never knew about until I actually saw it. They help provide a space for people to plan their objectives.

Miracle Allums?

Through the past few months, being a Wayside Youth Organizer has been an incredible learning and growing experience. I have been able to have my first real taste of community organizing and social justice in which my eyes have been opened to so many important struggles happening around me, how I am interconnected, and how I can plug in to so many different fights and still make a difference, even if it is simply supporting in silence. To be able to be a part of a space that was safe, loving, and accepting has transformed my life to be able to create that continuous space in my interactions with others. I have been able to grow and found out who I am as an organizer, but most importantly who I am as a person. I have realized that fighting through the struggle is not just about me and the issues I stand for, but about standing up and fighting for what is important in more communities than just my own, standing in solidarity with my comrades, and continuing to push until the brink of victory emerges.

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Salem Acu?a?

As a younger and growing person the in the movement, I am always excited to be involved in struggles for social that help build community through intersectional, grassroots organizing. As younger person in the movement who is queer, an immigrant person of color, and a self-proclaimed feminist I am always looking for spaces, community and movements that allow myself to bring by whole self. My experience working with Wayside this summer has truly been a whole one. I loved being able to share deep conversation with new and old comrades, cook together with folks who do it with love, and celebrate with everyone who works for justice and liberation in VA and in the region.