Public Housing Residents Win Long Struggle in Cville!

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Hats off to PHAR – People Power in Action!

When an elderly resident was evicted from their home in 2011, PHAR, the Public Housing Association of Residents of Charlottesville began a long struggle to pressure the housing authority to change their eviction policies. After more than two years of street protest, marches, endless meetings and at least one arrest, the housing authority formally adopted the policies crafted by PHAR. The recommendations had  already been enacted resulting in a 91% decrease in evictions!

Read more about this and other recent victories on their website. 

“Sometimes you have to demand respect,” said PHAR treasurer Shymora Cooper, speaking along with staff organizer Dierdre Gilmore in this brief video interview filmed when PHAR was selected to receive the Wayside’s People’s History Award.


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