Parents of Students Killed in Ayotzinapa, Mexico Travel to Richmond With Caravan43

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Over the past couple of months Wayside has been preparing the way for parents of the 42 students killed in Ayotzinapa, Mexico to visit Richmond. The stop is part of a tour called Caravn43 seeking to raise awareness and call on people to pressure our own government to stop funding the federal police force in Mexico.

Wayside is working in cooperation with a number of local individuals, organizations and university groups to raise money to bring the parents here and to raise awareness about the impact of US funding on violence in Mexico, the problems with Plan Merida and the connections with forced migration, deportations and state sponsored violence against people of color. This is an important opportunity for immigrant youth and families who have been fighting for their rights in Richmond to interact directly with organizers active in Latin American struggles for justice. The final date for the Richmond tour will be announced as soon as the final arrangements are made. The next informational session will be held in Richmond on February 26th. See letter from parents below.

See upcoming facebook event here.

To hear from the parents in their own words, read their letter to US communities here and watch this short video.

Ayotzinapa from Wayside Center on Vimeo.


Letter from the parents

Diciembre 21, 2014

Estimados compañeros,

Due to the heinous and cruel events that occurred on the 26 and 27 of September in the city of Iguala where 6 people were murdered, 29 wounded and 43 are still missing, the parents of the missing students have embarked on a journey and continuing struggle to find and rescue our children but without any results, in spite of the commitment signed by Mexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto.

We have waited for almost 3 months for the State Police Force to come up with any findings to no avail despite of the more than 80 people that have been detained in relation with the crime.

That is why we don’t trust the Federal Government, since it shows a total ineptitude and for us it reaffirms the complicity between the Government and the organized since according to the detainees testimony, the police massacred the students and delivered them to the criminals.

Due to the lack of results we see the need to inform Mexican society and the world the hell we live in, the anguish of not knowing where our children are, There may be a Merry Christmas for other people but not for us, because we’re still missing 42 of our children after the proof of the assassination of Alexander Mora.

We ask the people in the United States for their support in our quest to find our children alive, we do not want to spend a Christmas without them, We ask you to write letters to their legislative bodies and to tell Obama to stop supporting the sale of weapons to Mexico because they are used to kill our children, Also, if at all possible to arrange a meeting with the Press so they can report and broadcast our problem and our demand for justice.

Receive In advance a cordial and affectionate greeting from all the parents of the missing youth from the Escuela Normal “Raúl Isidro Burgos” in Ayotzinapa, Guerrero and our deepest gratitude with all our heart

Signed with affection and many thanks by representative of the parents.

Felipe de la Cruz Sandoval

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