Meet the Summer Organizing Interns!

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summer interns 2014


This summer seven young organizers in Richmond and Charlottesville, VA are on board to work closely with Wayside and each other to organize in their communities and pull off Wayside’s 5th year anniversary celebration on July 19th. As the summer program grows each year, we are thrilled to introduce you to some of the region’s most promising young movement builders.

I’m Eden Zekarias, a third year student at the University of Virginia studying African American and African Studies. I am a Black, Queer Womynist interested in the struggle for collective liberation. I enjoy people, reading Audre Lorde and writing. I am very excited for this internship to learn organizational skills and disciple– building relationships with folks to sustain our individual and collective struggles through building POWER while nourishing our souls.

My name is Yaz, I’m 21, I’m living in Richmond, and I’m from Newport News, Virginia. I love painting, writing, group work, hearing and sharing stories, getting creative, getting dirty, and playing mandolin for sing-a-longs. Right now I am passionate about helping folks and communities to name their traumas and work towards healing from it. I am so excited to learn more from Wayside and its family about organizing skills and building power in our Southern kindred.

My name is Idalia Alvarez. I am 17-years old and I’m from Guerrero, Mexico. I Speak 3 Languages, which are Mixteco, Spanish, & English. I am currently in high school and live with my family and I have two brothers & a sister. I am really looking forward to the internship because I know it is going to be an awesome experience where I can continue developing my organizing skills and build power within my community.

My name is Camila Borja. I was born and raised in Quito Ecuador and since I moved to the U.S At age 9 I have lived in many states And many cities. I am graduating in May from VCU with a double major in International Social Justice and Gender and Sexuality studies, and cannot wait to start this internship this summer! I  had a transformative experience at the Wayside center at the interpretation workshop ; I learned and shared pieces of my soul and I hope to continue that process through out this internship this summer.

My name is Brittany Seward. I like music, reading, and having fun.I also like learning new things and challenging myself. For the internship I’m excited to meet new people and also about getting to explore different aspects of Wayside. I’m also excited about getting to learn about things that I can do to help out in my community.

I am Briana Collazo, and I am so excited to be organizing with the Wayside Center. I often feel like life has been preparing me for the moment I am in, and this is no exception. I love social justice, peoples’ stories, critical thinking and danceable music. I get excited about hard work, new ideas, adventures and taking action. I look forward to learning from and organizing with Wayside and my peers, a generation with unique challenges unlike any generation this country has seen, our future is so bright!

My name is Joan Torres Serrano. I am originally from Mexico. I came to the U.S. When I was three years old. I  lived with both my parents until I was six. I am currently living with my mom and step dad for about seven years and I now how three siblings in total. When I am not in school I like to read,draw,and listen to music.  Getting a chance to be a part of this internship would mean a lot to me because I would give me a chance to do something bigger than me and school. I have always wanted to do something for my community, and youth like me.

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