Interpreting for Social Justice Spring 2013

Interpreting for Social Justice

April 19-21st, 2013

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• To build a cadre of skilled social justice interpreters in the Southeast and Appalachia who can empower immigrant communities by providing language accessibility to promote social justice

• To encourage local leadership in immigrant communities through sharing skills by training other community members in social
justice interpreting

• To create multilingual spaces in social justice communities where language is used democratically as a movement-
building tool of power

(based on income or organization budget)
 Full and partial scholarships available. If your organization is paying for you to attend, please use your yearly organizational budget to determine your fee.

Income  Fee
Under $15,000  $170
$15 – $25,000  $200
$25 – $35,000  $240
$35 – $45,000  $280
$45 – $55,000  $325
Over $55,000  $375


Bilingual social justice activists and workers who would like to learn more about interpreting and translating in a social justice context to empower immigrant communities and build alliances across communities.


• Interpreter Role and Ethics
• Interpretation modes
• Use of interpreting equipment
• Differences and similarities in social justice interpreting
• Impact of language barriers in social justice movement building
• How to create a multilingual space

Hands-on interpreting by participants throughout the workshop

Please Note: Participants should be able to commit to the entire program schedule (Friday 9 am through Sunday 4 pm).

Interpretation for Social Justice Workshop