Community Members Demand ICE-FREE Zone in RVA

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postICEcolorlogo-SizedWayside continues to support the immigrant-led group ICE Out of RVA as it builds grassroots capacity in it’s campaign to get ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) out of Richmond.

Popular Education to Build Skills, Analysis and Relationships

ICE Out of RVA uses a popular education approach in it’s outreach and organizing meetings based on the understanding that directly affected people are the ones best qualified to solve their own problems.

The group has gathered people together in homes, churches and community centers for know-your-rights trainings. In addition to imparting information about the ways ICE agents approach people and the legal rights community member have during these interactions, group members use these sessions to share information about what ICE is doing locally and how similar groups across the country are organizing themselves to fight back.

communitymeeting2The leadership group meets regularly, expanding their knowledge of topics like campaign-building and community organizing skills. Allies from other communities of color and white supporters are invited to some of these meetings and those conversations contribute to deepening the shared political analysis and strengthening the bonds of solidarity that are so critical in these times. Allies and professionals like the lawyers who attend the know-your-rights trainings are invited to attend only with the explicit understanding that the directly affected community members are the ones who will lead the conversations and actions.

cataterp3Language Justice is at the heart of this campaign. All meetings are held in Spanish and are fully interpreted. Wayside trainers traveled to Richmond and offered a short version of our Interpreting for Social Justice Program, to increase the capacity of the community to provide their own interpretation, understand the dynamics of power that play into interpretation and increase people’s autonomy to advocate for themselves and fight for their rights

Collective Action for Liberation

ICE Out of RVA joins other groups across the South in demanding a moratorium on deportations until an immigration reform is put in place and the Supreme Court has issued a decision on DACA/DAPA (immigration relief for youth and famiies.) You can support this effort by signing and sharing the petition.

The group is distributing this poster pictured above so that people in businesses, apartment complexes, churches, homes have an easy way to tell ICE and other groups and institutions that Immigrants are welcome here!

Download the poster here and stay tuned from more updates from the front lines of the struggle for immigrant justice.notes-cropped-combined2