Help Wayside Continue to Support Our Movements for Change!

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Meet Cornel, an alumni of several Wayside programs. Cornel participated in his first youth organizing camp at Wayside three years ago. Since then he has returned each year for one or more weekend workshops and this year, started learning and practicing facilitation techniques at Youth Organizing Camp 2016. In this brief video, Cornel shares his thoughts on leadership development, the power of youth to lead the way for social change and why spaces like Wayside are so important to movement building.

If, like Cornel, you believe in the importance of Wayside programs, we’d like to ask you to support the work by making a donation today.

We have learned important lessons during our seven years of popular education at Wayside and this is an exciting moment as we carry those lessons forward. Our new board brings together an inspiring mix of passion, wisdom, perspective and experience to shape and guide the work. We are expanding our horizons as we open enrollment in our programs to the broader US South. We are sharpening our focus on leadership development – using popular education techniques to support the work of new and emerging leaders in our movements for justice. Take 2 minutes to watch Cornel show us why – you won’t be sorry!

We ask you to join us in carrying this work forward with a commitment to be a part of the grassroots base of support that makes it all possible. Most of Wayside’s funding comes from individual contributions – from people like you who believe in the work and want it to continue. Your donation helps to ensure that Wayside programs continue. From maintaining the building and grounds, to staffing the programs, to providing the food, transportation, childcare and interpretation services that enable people to participate in our programs, it is grassroots support that will carry the day.

In order to meet our budget, we need to raise $15,000 by the end of 2016 and enroll new members in our monthly sustainer program that total $5,000 annually. You can support the work by making a one-time contribution towards that $15,000 goal. This is an attainable goal and whether your donation is $10 of $1,000 it makes a difference in getting us there! You can also spread your gift out over the year by signing up for an automatic monthly contribution of $50, $25, $10 or any amount that you choose. Donate online or by sending a check payable to Wayside Center to 1100 Mill Pond Road Faber, VA 22938.

Thanks in advance for your support and for all that you do to support our movements for social justice!