Get Involved

There are lots of ways to get involved and support Wayside. If any of the ideas below inspire you, get in touch! 
  • Host a small dinner party in your home with Wayside to get the word out and raise funds (You invite the people and we’ll send someone to make the presentation)
  • Host Wayside at your organization, workplace, or place of worship to make a presentation on Wayside
  • Contact groups in your area who would be interested in renting Wayside
  • Organize a Wayside workshop in your area (Grassroots Fundraising, Interpreting for Social Justice, Organizers’ Skills, Dismantalling Racism, Movement History, etc.)
  • Volunteer at a work weekend here at Wayside
  • Do art, graphic or web design, photography, or film production
  • Donate! Become a monthly or major donor, do a facebook birthday fundraiser, make a bequest, or donate a vehicle or other in kind resource.
  • Connect Wayside to donors- Introduce Wayside to potential major donors or foundations with whom you have a relationship
  • Cook meals at a Wayside workshop
  • Help out with childcare at a Wayside workshop