Fired for Act of Solidarity-Student Struggle Continues at Huguenot!

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dustin at protest

Dustin King pictured far right

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Students and parents at Huguenot High School are circulating a a statement of support for Dustin King, a community outreach worker who was fired from his contract position with Richmond public schools after going public with abuses he??had witnessed. The statement will be presented to the school board at their July 15th. Jonathan Villatoro, a Huguenot graduate and organizer of the protests had this to say about the firing, “This is not only an attack on Dustin, but an attack on our communities and an attempt to silence our voices as well. We intend to let them know that it’s not going to work!”

Please join the students and parents at their protest at the July 15th School Board meeting on Monday, July 15th, 5 pm at 900 E Broad St. Richmond

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The mainstream media is starting to pay attention to the story. Please read this piece on the firing by Style Weekly,? share and post a comment. Latino Student Protest Triggers Fallout.

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