From the Fall Workshops

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From the Interpreting for Social Justice Workshop:

“Wayside Center for Popular Education is an amazing place for people to come together for the opportunity to learn knowledge, culture, language and social work. For the first time, I needed services accommodated to have Spanish translated into ASL as I did not speak fluent Spanish. This helped my learning experience by allowing me to have language access to communicate and interact with my peers. Each individual expressed their own unique perspective to every discussion, which in turn, ignited powerful relationships. I am very grateful for the opportunity to learn about Trilingual interpreting and I hope to become more involved in social justice interpreting for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Thank you to all the beautiful people who helped make this experience awesome and thank you very much to both instructors Roberto and Catalina.” – Orel Barajas

Interpreting for Social Justice

From the Bring It! Youth Organizing Weekend

Wayside’s summer interns led a workshop called “Envisioning Solidarity: Race and Organizing in Richmond”. Hear how it went from the new facilitators:”It was a workshop we held to begin the discussion around how race, oppression and privilege impacts our organizing in Richmond as well as what we envision for our organizing spaces.  We, and other Richmond activists and organizers, want to build a stronger community, one that directly addresses racial privilege. We see a need for this here in Richmond where very often people voices’ who are directly affected are often represented by activists who have never lived these experiences and who are not building allyship within these communities.

This topic is important because we are ready to begin discussing issues like race in Richmond activist spaces. This workshop has opened dialogue and has encouraged activists to think deeper about their roles as white organizers. This goal was, more or less, accomplished. People dug deep, addressing more than racial, but economic, citizenship and academic privileges as well. We want to continue these conversations in Richmond as a way to begin shifting dynamics and bringing a deeper level of political consciousness in activist and organizing spaces. This is just a building block on our journey toward collective liberation.”

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