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Greetings Wayside Family

A few days ago, the Wayside board shared with you the news of its decision to focus on the purchase of the land and the buildings. This decision was informed by both the political moment and many conversations about the strategic need for movement to own spaces – specifically land – to convene, work, and find respite.

While moments of transitions are often birthed by dreams of the future, they also offer the space for reflection and gratitude.  There is no movement absent people who show up and do the work.  Since its inception, Wayside has counted on generous gifts of time, sweat, and money – gifts that were offered with trust of good stewardship. The staff at Wayside Center for Popular Education – Jeff Winder and Carolina Bautista Velez – have more than made good on the promise of good stewardship.

Jeff was part of the original group of people that dreamed up Wayside and found the land.   In the last eight years, he has overseen the daily operations and maintenance, spearheaded new construction, and bottom-lined the fundraising work. Jeff has also integrated Wayside to Virginia based organizing, especially with communities in Charlottesville.

Carolina connected to Wayside through local organizing with immigrant communities in Richmond.  Starting as a volunteer and transitioning to staff three years ago, Carolina has guided Wayside’s programmatic work: incubating curriculums and trainings, getting folks to Wayside, helping to build the language justice programming, and making Wayside resources available to community organizing efforts.  All the while Carolina maintained a fierce commitment to daily on the ground organizing work in Richmond.

As the board of directors, we want to sing your praises and offer our deepest gratitude: for your generosity toward Wayside and our people, for your principled work and willingness to grow into unfamiliar work, and for your commitment to the future of our movement. We are stronger because of your gifts and the role you have played in history of the Wayside.


Wayside Board of Directors

Joshua Diamond   Adelina Nicholls   Taylor Manigoult 


Netfa Freeman              Aunp Gampa          Roberto Tijerina   


Kiara Redd-Martin